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The Amazing Benefits Of Facials For Your Skin

A facial is a basic form of skin treatment. It involves the deep cleansing of the pores, exfoliation, removal of dead skin and the treatment of basic skin concerns with the help of peels, masks and massages. Facials are relaxing and they help the skin feel great, soft and smooth.

There are many benefits that facials offer and with the different types available, you can choose the one that suits your needs. Facials are great for a variety of reasons and here are some amazing benefits you get when you do a facial.

Deep Cleanse The Skin

Facials help in thorough cleansing of the face by cleaning up the pores and exfoliating by removing dead skin. When you get a facial done by a professional, the skin on your face and neck will be deeply cleaned. You can do a facial at home, but it is much more effective to have it done by a professional. The facialist understands your skin type and knows what needs to be done to make it healthy. From a single facial session, you will be able to notice the difference in your skin.

Clears Out Pores

When we go about our daily lives, our pores become clogged with dirt, sweat, makeup, and other things our skin experiences daily. This makes it impossible to avoid our pores from clogging, but it is important to clear our pores in order to keep the skin healthy and glowing. Facials use steam to open up pores and remove clogs. This can help prevent acne and other skin problems.

Improve blood circulation

Massage improves the blood circulation in our body. The same applies to our faces. During a facial, massage on the face is conducted, this will help improve blood circulation in your face. As blood circulation improves, the skin cells will gain more oxygen and nutrients. This translates to healthier and efficient cells and a glowing face.

Reduce Acne

Facials help remove whiteheads and blackheads, which are early signs of acne. They dull your skin and leave the texture uneven. During a facial, your whiteheads and blackheads will be removed with a tool that is safe and effective. This will help reduce and treat acne. Many facials use salicylic acid because of its acne-treating benefits.

Improves Absorption

A facial will leave your skin smooth, soft and improve the ability to absorb different skincare products. After a facial, the skincare products that you use daily will be able to absorb into your skin better because of the deep cleansing and opened pores. This means that you will be able to better enjoy the benefits that they offer because they are now fully absorbed into the skin.

Skin exfoliation

Exfoliation involves removing the dead skin cells so that the new skin cells can take up their position. During a facial, the process of scrubbing will exfoliate your skin quickly. It will eradicate the dead skin cells and once they are removed, the nutrients will get easily absorbed into the skin which will further benefit the skin.


Facials have anti-ageing properties. They stimulate cells to reduce the appearance of dark spots, wrinkles and sun damages. This improves texture, luminosity, collagen depletion, and reduces inflammation. Some facials help slow the ageing process on mature skin, by exfoliating and moisturizing the skin. Anti-ageing facials will improve the skin’s texture, tone, and lustre.

At YB Cocoon Day Spa, we offer a variety of facials and spa treatments that are relaxing and can help your skin feel great, soft and smooth. Treat yourself to one of our facials today and give your skin the permission to glow.

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