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Benefits of shoulder massage

A shoulder massage can encourage relaxation. A shoulder massage can relax the body physically and mentally. Muscles in the shoulder can become tight and painful resulting in the body not being relaxed. A shoulder massage creates friction and increases the temperature of the muscles. Increasing the temperature helps improve the elasticity within the muscles resulting in less muscle tightness and tension.

Acupressure is commonly used during a shoulder massage. Acupressure is a technique performed using the thumb or fingertips on trigger points and muscular knots. Acupressure helps increase blood flow to the shoulder muscles. Pressure applied to the muscular knots stops the blood flow to this area. The muscular knot is broken down and softened as the pressure is applied. When the pressure has been released, the body's natural healing process is activated as it thinks an area of the body has been damaged. The body's natural healing process encourages more blood flow to the shoulders to provide the muscles with more oxygen and nutrients needed for healing. Acupressure helps aid pain relief and results in relaxation of the muscles located within the shoulder region.

Kneading is used on the muscles during a shoulder massage. Kneading can be performed using flat hands or fists. Blood and lymph flow is improved by slowly squeezing and pulling the soft tissues. Friction created from pulling and squeezing the soft tissues increases the temperature of the muscles and improves elasticity. Increasing the elasticity of the muscles results in an improvement of flexibility. An improvement of elasticity and flexibility therefore results in a decrease of muscle pain, tightness and tension.

Effleurage is used during a shoulder massage. Effleurage is a technique that can be performed using flattened hands and fingers. The pressure when using effleurage can vary according to personal preference. Effleurage can be a relaxing experience and can help relieve stress, pain and tightness within the shoulders. Effleurage helps increase the temperature of the muscles, improving blood flow around the body. Temperature is increased by the friction created from rubbing the skin. Increasing the temperature and improving blood flow helps increase the elasticity of the muscles. An increase of elasticity of the muscle helps reduce muscle tightness and tension. Effleurage also helps increase the removal of waste products and toxins by improving the lymphatic circulation.

An effective technique commonly used during a shoulder massage is skin rolling. Skin rolling is where skin is picked up and rolled between both the fingers and thumbs. Skin rolling helps relieve stress and tension within the muscles. Skin rolling aids in the improvement of the circulation of blood and lymph flow. An improvement in lymph flow aids in the removal of waste products and toxins within the muscles and tissues.

Trigger pointing is effectively used during a shoulder massage. A trigger point is found in the middle of a muscle fibre. A trigger point can cause pain in the body if not treated. Trigger pointing during a shoulder massage is where pressure is placed on the trigger points to help soften knots that could be causing pain in the upper back area. Softened knots are a result of the pressure placed on the trigger points, and blood flow being restricted to this area. When the blood flow is restricted, this is called an ischemic reaction. When pressure is released, the body's natural healing process immediately sends blood to this area. Blood flow is increased to repair damage the body thinks has occurred. An increase in blood flow provides the muscle with healthy nutrients and oxygen which aids in the maintenance of strong and healthy muscles.

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