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5 Ways Massages Can Reduce Stress

Stress is inevitable but a normal part of life. It is a feeling we all deal with in our lives from time to time. And while it is normal, it can have negative effects on our bodies and minds. This is why we must try to reduce our stress as much as possible. Luckily, there are many ways to combat and reduce stress and massage therapy is one of them.

Massage therapy can be extremely beneficial for several reasons, but reducing stress is the most important benefit for a lot of people. It has been shown that just 10 minutes of massage therapy can reduce stress by calming the heart rate and central nervous system. As a result, you will end up feeling more happy, relaxed and rejuvenated. Here are 5 ways massages can help reduce your stress.


1. Massage Triggers Relaxation

Massage is a beneficial treatment that promotes the feeling of relaxation. It encourages the body to slow down and relax, thereby reducing the heightened state of anxiety to a more calming state. The act of touch and kneading allows the body to ease up and sink into relaxation. Massage also helps the body to relax by increasing the temperature of the soft tissues, lowering the heart rate and releasing hormones. At YB Cocoon Spa, our massages are designed to make you feel relaxed, comfortable and at peace.

2. Massage Increases Blood Flow

Massage helps improve blood circulation which in turn, lower blood pressure. It calms the sympathetic nervous system, which is responsible for raising blood pressure as a result of stress. A simple Swedish massage will work your muscles and blood flood towards your heart, ridding your limbs and joints of metabolic waste. An increase in blood flow will also hasten the removal of bodily waste.

3. Massage Improves Sleep

A massage can help stabilizes your mood and helps create a relaxed state of being that is needed to fall asleep soundly. After a massage, you will experience a sound and peaceful rest. Massage therapies are usually aided with essential oils to further coax the body into that blissful state which in turn helps reduce your stress.

4. Massage Triggers Physiological Effects

Massage offers some physiological effects that provide relief from stress. During a massage, serotonin, dopamine and endorphin levels are increased which all offer different benefits. Serotonin help prevents depression and boosts the sense of well-being, Dopamine increases motivation and Endorphins help relieve anxiety.

5. Massage Relieves Muscular Tension

Massage therapy targets areas of the body that hold stress and cause pain. Our body involuntarily tightens up when we are stressed causing the muscles to become tense. With massage therapy, the muscles can return to a relaxed state alleviating chronic pain. Massage can help relieves tension by increasing tissue elasticity and stimulating the nervous system. The actual act of massage can reduce stress hormone levels by about 30%

You deserve a massage today. At YB Cocoon Day Spa, we offer a variety of massages and spa treatments that can help reduce stress throughout your body. Treat yourself to one of our massages or spa treatments and allow your body and mind to relax.

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