4 Home remedies to relieve foot pain after a hard day

So, you had a long day on your feet and the foot pain is killing you. I am on the heavier side and this is my story after any long day. This is happening a lot in Nigeria with our lifestyle getting more and more sedentary and our diets being “masaledar“. Here are some home remedies for foot pain that I have tried on myself numerous times. These 7-foot pain home remedies are sure to help you.

While these home remedies for foot pain have some usefulness. It’s always better to address the core of the problem in the long run. You should try to figure out the reason why you get these foot pains and address that reason. Most often than not, the reason is excess weight. Now, I am not going to preach you on excess weight. But later in the article, we get into solving for foot pains specifically if you are on the heavier side.

Also, I must say that all the remedies suggested here are suited for most Nigerians. They have been made with “Nigerians” in mind, hence I am not suggesting a chiropractor session for slight foot pain. Without much ado, here are the 7 home remedies for foot pain.