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4 Home remedies to relieve foot pain after a hard day

So, you had a long day on your feet and the foot pain is killing you. I am on the heavier side and this is my story after any long day. This is happening a lot in Nigeria with our lifestyle getting more and more sedentary and our diets being “masaledar“. Here are some home remedies for foot pain that I have tried on myself numerous times. These 7-foot pain home remedies are sure to help you.

While these home remedies for foot pain have some usefulness. It’s always better to address the core of the problem in the long run. You should try to figure out the reason why you get these foot pains and address that reason. Most often than not, the reason is excess weight. Now, I am not going to preach you on excess weight. But later in the article, we get into solving for foot pains specifically if you are on the heavier side.

Also, I must say that all the remedies suggested here are suited for most Nigerians. They have been made with “Nigerians” in mind, hence I am not suggesting a chiropractor session for slight foot pain. Without much ado, here are the 7 home remedies for foot pain.

7 Home remedies

#1 Soak your feet in Hot Water

If the pain is from the fatigue you experience from a long day of standing or walking, this might be the best way to get some relief. Also, you don’t need much more than a couple of buckets. So, here you go.

  • Get changed into easy comfortable clothes, probably shorts. Make sure that you are rested before you start this. For that, you could lie down on your back for 10 minutes and relax.

  • Wash your feet with cold water. Try to get the water as cold as you can get and give it a long wash, maybe 3-4 minutes. (Note: Most Indian cities are warm, so your water will not be very cold. Consider adding some ice cubes to get it colder).

  • Now, get some hot water in a bucket. Make it as warm as you can comfortably endure.

  • Sit on a comfortable chair where your feet reach the ground and soak your feet in this hot water for about 10 to 15 mins till the water cools down.

  • You could repeat this another time starting from the cold wash.

#2 Elevate your Feet for 15 mins

This foot pain home remedy is also very useful and convenient. It literally needs zero preparation and can be done even if you are in a hotel room. Keep a pillow at the edge of the bed or a cushioned chair. Lie down on the floor adjacent to it with your legs on the bed and your body on the ground. Ideally, the back of your knees should be touching the edge of the bed and your calves should be rested on the pillow. If you feel uncomfortable on your back, you could use a yoga mat or the duvet. Do this for about 15 minutes and your feet should feel better.

#3 Use an Electric Foot Massager

If you have a job that needs you to be on your feet a lot and you have foot aches often, an electric foot massager might be a good investment to make. These machines have a little enclosure where you can put your legs. And the kneaders inside give a good massage to your calves and legs, thus providing you relief. These things are pretty heavenly after a long day. One of the best foot massagers to relieve foot pain lies is the

#4 Stretching for Heels & Calf

There are some stretches that can also help you relieve foot pain from fatigue.

  • Achilles Stretch Face a wall with your palms on the wall. Put one foot on the wall such that the ball of your foot is on the wall, heel on the ground and knee straight. Push against the foot and feel the stretch from your heel to the calf. Stretch for 30 seconds and repeat three times on each side

  • Tennis Ball Roll Sit on a comfortable chair where your feet reach the ground. Place a tennis ball on one foot and roll it from the front of the foot to the heel and repeat. Apply some pressure. Do this for 2 minutes on each leg and repeat 3 times.

Keep Your Feet Happy

I hope this foot pain home remedies article was useful in keeping your feet happy on one of those long days. As I said earlier, these are just relief home remedies, they are not the cure. You should look at the real cause of the recurring foot pain and do something about that.

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